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View On Falls Park From Falls Road
Hammer Playing Fields
Divis Mountain From Forthriver Road
Shankill Taxi
Ligoniel Road Upper
Custom House Square
Bladon Park
Cave Hill Park
Victoria Park
Woodburn Forest
Browns Bay
Clarendon Park
Black Staff Stop
Cave Hill Park
Divis Mountain
New Lodge
Countryside between Dundonald and Bangor
Belfast Lough, view from beach in Hollywood area
Wall in The Falls Park
Doagh Road area
Mural in Sandy Row area
Dunore Court area
New Lodge area
Somewhere in the Cave Hill Park
In Green Castle District
In Green Castle District
Gray's Lane
In Forth River Linear Park
Colin Road Area
Colin Road Area
In Colin Glen Forest Park
Sandy Row
Joy Street Area
Belfast Lough, view from Edgewater Road

If I write why I take photos, I will give here a recipe to facilitate plagiarism, which becomes a hidden, silent social problem, unnoticed and destructive, plagiarism has always existed, this kind of childish greed, it should not happen to mature people, but it does happen, that's why I only I will quote some of my thoughts about photography and art.

Photography is a visual affirmation of reality, however, this is a selective affirmation. In this way it may be a negation of everything that has not been photographed.

Photography is the heir of representational painting if we treat photography as art. Therefore, for me, my first photographs were notes for paintings and drawings, therefore the drawings created later seemed to me something artificial, somehow redundant, because as realistic painting and drawing they can exist as handicraft, but not art.

Knowing about the existence of photography, an artist interested in painting in the 21st century can stick to handicraft, but can develop his painting formally, as it happened in the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, it is possible that every painter should discover impressionism, expressionism, colorism, cubism for himself. . Art education, however, allows artists to take shortcuts so they can go further. But has anyone gone further? All painters are very close to all these trends of modernist and later painting, they can only add something very personal, individual, something that is consistent with their personality or philosophy. This is what postmodernism is, art does not ask whether it is needed, art is.

The recipient may become interested or reject it, may want to understand or deny everything.

Photography remains on its own, next to it, it can be functional because it is created quickly, 1/100 of a second or shorter time is enough to register what is in front of the lens. The power of photography lies in the frame, the subject, objects or the photographed scene, the styling of the photo in post-production is less important, because it usually results only from choice, or from the work of a programmer, chemist or laboratory technician. Of course, choices in post-production may determine the power of expression and the readability of meaning. photography. Photography can draw attention to something, thanks to its expressiveness and visual power, while being an interventional reportage, it can still be art, thanks to the appropriate approach, framing and post-production. Photography can be used easier and faster than any other medium, regardless of the artist's intentions.

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